Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Pillsbury Figurines Diet Bars  had two thin, crispy wafers layered with a delicious filling and outer coating.

The ad above reads: "Don't skip nutrition. Skip with Figurines."  Below that it says:

"Two Figurines diet bars provide the protein, vitamins and minerals of a sensible meal - without the meal."

They had a 'tag-line' in their ad jingle that was sung to the tune of Tangerine:

"Figurines help keep you as you are...with a calorie rate of 138 a bar - my shape belongs to Figurines!"


  1. I sure do remember those FIGURINE diet bars from the late 70's. They were delicious and tasted nothing like a diet product. They came in decadent flavors like Double-Chocolate, Chocolate-Mint and Strawberry-Yogurt. They were crunchy like a wafer and creamy on the inside with a filling. Two came in a foil pouch ,made by Pillsbury, in a box that contained maybe 8 of those pouches. I also remember the whole box cost .89 cents. I do not remember the calorie or fat content and did not care. I was in my 20's, slender and had a real sweet-tooth back then. Absolutely loved them for breakfast back in the day, circa 1977-79 ,and my dad loved them too with a cup of tea !....LOL

  2. Thanks for your great comment! I really miss these. You're right, all that mattered to our family back then was how things tasted - the sweeter the better. I really miss being able to eat all that sugar and get by with it! :)

  3. I remember sneaking these and my mom getting mad because I would eat them. They tasted so good. She always bought the vanilla flavor. Good memories. Thank you for the post!

  4. I loved these,.wish.they would bring her them back, I was always on a diet when I was younger. I put mine in the GOOD