Thursday, January 16, 2014


These colorful roll-on antiperspirant dispensers made it more fun to put on your deodorant, even if it didn't really 'tickle'.

But, this magazine print ad from the 1970's does say that:

"Staying drier is nicer with a little tickle..."

There's also a .15 Coupon in the ad, but it's probably (very) expired.

The ad goes on to say:

"Want an antiperspirant that's really new and different? Tickle is the first roll-on with a big wide ball."
"Its surface is just about 4 times the size of most others.  To go on fast and smooth."
"Tickle comes in 4 fresh fragrances: Citrus, Herbal, Floral, Unscented."
"Tickle has a quick-drying formula. And, of course, Tickle really works. It'll help keep you dry all day."
"Make yourself happy with a little Tickle!"

Tickle did look really cute sitting on the vanity cabinet;
It was a piece of 70's 'designer art' in itself...

With a brightly colored rounded top, matching hourglass dispenser and clear polka-dotted case.

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