Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Pink Panther Flakes Cereal

Post Cereals co-sponsored The Pink Panther Show, a Saturday morning kid's show, in 1972. This cereal was created as tie-in for that program.

The cereal consisted of bright, bubblegum-pink, sugar-coated corn flakes.

Most people remember Pink Panther Flakes as being extraordinarily sweet-tasting. The "pink" didn't add a distinct new flavor, so the taste could be compared to ordinary Sugar Frosted Flakes with more sugar.

One interesting feature of this cereal was that it's pink coloring ran off of the flakes and into the milk almost immediately after the flakes got wet.

A 1973 television ad staring the Pink Panther featured the following jingle, sung in-part to the Pink Panther theme song by Henry Mancini:

Pink Panther Flakes are pink
As sweet as you can (inaudible) the color of pink
Pink Panther Flakes are pink
As sweet as you can (inaudible) the color of pink
Tickle me pink!

Hey Pink Panther! We love Pink Panther Flakes
So pink, so sweet and they're new
We love their one, two, three, four, five, six, seven...
Eight different vitamins
Just as much as we love you

The back of the very first box offered this description of the cereal:

"Have breakfast with the Pink Panther! Pink Panther Flakes are pre-sweetened, pink frosted corn flakes. They're fun to eat, good tasting and fortified with 8 essential vitamins. Try 'em. You'll love 'em..."  (info. from mrbreakfast.com)

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