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(R. Crumb) Robert Crumb's “Keep on Truckin’” poster from the 1970s.

His “Keep on Truckin’” poster is a classic and shows a series of  men putting their best feet forward.

"You got to move it, move it!"

A line in a great song from the movie Madagascar...

The New Year is very often a time of New Resolutions.  We want to start exercising, eating right, and just living right. 

But sometimes, it's hard to know exactly where to put our health priorities. 

Well, believe it or not, just 'moving' is even far more important than diet or eating right.

Maimonides, Jewish
physician and philosopher, writing in 1199 A.D. stated this:

"Anyone who lives a sedentary life and does not exercise, even if he eats good foods, ...all his days will be painful ones, and his strength shall wane"
        - Maimonides, Treatise of Hygiene, 1199 A.D.

Being sedentary subjects us to aches and pains, and we will lose not only our physical strength.

Routine exercise can also strengthen our mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

Consider this quote below regarding the act of sitting still as being part of a 'death ritual'.

Ancient rituals for the passing of elders included sitting perfectly still for extended periods of time, which doesn't allow for the movement of lymph and results in death of the body."
                               - Lisa Best, MBA, PhD., CCN

That's really a wake-up call!  We've often heard the phrase 'Move it or lose it', but it's really the truth.

Many of us spend long hours sitting in front of TV's, computer screens, and in cars - or all of the above.

It is recommended to get up and move around or stretch at least every hour to keep lymph moving.

Keeping fit and active should become part of a lifestyle of overall good health.

Make that resolution - and keep it:  
: )  

 "...Physically fit, Physically fit, Physically, Physically, Physically fit!"   


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