Sunday, December 18, 2011


  The 'Space Fidgit' was also known as a Fidget, Figit and even “Touch me” — they were mostly green when you looked at them straight on, and more reddish/orange at an angle. It had a creamy gel-like material inside, and you could change the colors of the inside gel with pressure and angle changes.

Here’s a description from original product packaging:
This unique plastic disc is filled with fascinating liquid crystals. Just a touch on the back causes liquid to flow into a spectacular show of changing hues and patterns. 
These fun toys are made of plastic and filled with thermotropic liquid crystal; the same material found in mood rings. The crystals respond to changes in temperature. The image created would simulate the iridescent colors seen in a puddle of oil:

This 1970's toy was a thin, octagonal hand-held kinetic toy with a clear plastic window over color-changing goo.  It looked a little like a drink coaster, and measured about 3-inches across.

The octagon plastic disc filled was with liquid crystals that you would touch for different patterns.  Just a touch on the back caused the encased liquid to flow into a spectacular show of changing hues and patterns.

This 'Magic Color Disc' was a 3" Acrylic discs with a pressure and heat sensitive combination of materials that would respond to the touch of your finger with psychedelic colors of red, blue, green, and yellow.


  1. I don't know about the hexagonal 'Space Fidget', but I owned a thin, rectangular white plastic Touch Me with a circle of liquid crystal that one touched on the back. I spent hours watching those patterns, passing the time. It would be fun to buy a new one, just like Lava Lamps, which are available again.

  2. I had a friend that had one and we were like 3rd or 4th grade in the 70's and I racked my brain to figure what that thing was called... now i found it... thank God,, It was driving me insane.....