Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flower-Power Platform Shoes!

Flower-Power Platform Shoes!

Flower-Power Platform Shoes!  These sandals have a super-cute mod retro print.

Affordably priced.  Available in fun Denim Colors, too.

Women's Hush Puppies Renown Quarter-Strap Sandals

Tower of flower power! Hush Puppies Renown Quarter-Strap Sandals. Here's the lowdown on these outrageously cute wedges. They're cushioned and engineered with HP02 Flex® for multi-directional flexibility, conforming to the way you walk.

-Fabric uppers
-Cushy polyurethane linings and midsoles
-Espadrille trim
-Rubber outsoles
-4" heels; 1-1/2" platforms